Sunday, August 21, 2011

What to do with a man who is a selfish slob

 I read a blog the other day by a woman who wrote a dissertation proving her ex-husband was a selfish, inconsiderate slob.  And after reading her post I had to agree with her.  Although most of us who are of the female persuasion, realize most men fall into this category, more or less.  What we don't know is what to do about this fact of life.  In the case of this woman who wrote the blog, she decided to leave the slob and never look back.  So I left a comment which in effect said that she did indeed marry the slob for better or worse and maybe there were things to learn about this situation she found herself in.  And I asked if she thought leaving him was the answer to her problems.  She answered back right away and said the yes, she had solved her problems by leaving him.

  And many women feel this way.  So now I ask all women who take this way out, will you live alone or will you try to find a man who isn't a selfish slob?  Living alone for a woman can be hell in our culture.  There is lots of pressure to find a man to take care of us.  So occasionally I succumb to the pressure and find a boyfriend who I know in my heart will turn out to be a selfish slob if given a chance to show his true colors.  But I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't let that stop me.  I try to relate in a loving way which usually brings out the worst in a selfish man who is a slob.  But the answer really isn't to leave them, the answer is to keep loving them until they can't stand it anymore and leave you.  For example, I've had occasions where men would yell at me for a long period of time calling me all kinds of unpleasant names and I would respond with something like, "I am not a phucking whore, I am a child of God."  You just can't imagine what this does to your average self-centered slob.  If he can't stop you from loving him, then for sure he will be the one to leave the relationship and then when you pick your next man you will have a better chance of finding someone who isn't as bad.  I'm not saying you're going to find Mr Right, I'm just saying you may find Mr Not so Scary.


  1. well I know someone whose other half has never changed a diaper and she's still with him. He is rich, tho

  2. Hi David, Money does seem to buy time for some slobs but in the end a slob is a slob. I know I shouldn't get into male bashing, but it is so much fun I can't resist