Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I’d like to thank Katy at http://supermansammyz.blogspot.com/
for thinking of me and awarding me with the stylish blogger award. That’s sweet. Before I get into the seven things about myself, I would like to say a little something about my friend Katy. There are light workers in the world. People who stand high on the mountain and let their light shine as a guide and beacon to the rest of us. And then there are people like Katy who are light warriors, who go into the dark places of this world and shine their light where it is needed most and where few of us ever dare to go. And it is because of these light warriors that horrid conditions like cancer, will in the end, be overcome.

So now on to seven things about myself;

1. I milk cows for a living and talk to animals

2. I have had a religious experience.( although everyone I know calls it a break-down )

3. I tend to go out with guys who are idiots.

4. Where ever I go, I never fit in.

5. Have trouble making other people understand where I'm coming from.

6. Don't use a persons' gender to determine whether or not I will fall in love with them.

7. Am always confronting my fears instead of running away from them.

And now it is my pleasure to aware the stylish blogger aware to a close friend of mine at; http://pillowofthecommunity.blogspot.com/ This lovely lady uses her blogs as a vehicle to reach out to people and bring them into her heart. And once there, we get to experience the beauty of her soul in a way that stylish only begins to describe.

So Katy, thanks again for thinking of me and sharing your thoughts.