Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God and the Cattle Hauler

I remember being on the phone with this cattle dealer who was very upset with me because I trucked some heifers with someone else. He was in the habit of dorking with me whenever he had the chance, so I didn't feel bad for him at all. I took the phone away from my ear while he was calling me all kinds of nasty horrible things, and I said, "This isn't God." and hung up. Now he knew I always have a need to truck cattle and he basically was the only game in town and we both felt that I needed him and that's why he could be mean to me if he felt like it. But in spite of my need, I had effectively pissed him off to the point where he would never come back.

  One of his favorite ways of dorking with me was to grab my ass while nobody was looking and on all of these occasions I held back from slapping his face because I didn't want to make a scene where the dairy would be without a cattle hauler. But finally, my hanging up on him pretty much gave him the message that I was not going to take anymore of his crap. My mom and the Amish boy who works for us were very upset with the fact that now we had no way of moving our animals. But my step dad knew one way or another he would handle the situation if I couldn't. Which didn't make me feel any better because I always feel like sh*t when he picks up the pieces of what I couldn't handle. Anyways I told everyone that if the dairy needed an idiot like that then it didn't deserve to keep running. That may have been true but it didn't make anyone any happier. So you stand up for what you know is right but the applause meter reads very low and you end up with a whole lot of stress for bumming out the people you care about. But it always comes down to this no matter who you are or what you are doing. You take a step toward freedom, or truth or love and you suffer for it. And if you say in your heart, "I hope I don't lose this or that," you're pretty much screwed. You have to wake up everyday and say to yourself or anyone who will listen,"I rather have nothing than let that idiot grab my ass anytime he wants." And after a little more suffering or sometimes a lot more suffering the material world will crack and God will take that cattle dealer out of your life and provide for your material needs. For sure this will happen. This is not a prayer to God which goes unanswered most of the time. This is a set of circumstances that will happen 100% of the time. The material world will crack when confronted with a strong pure mind with a just cause.

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