Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Dream and resulting Date

This is not a very exciting dream but I am writing about it for two reasons. First I remember it so vividly and second I hardly ever dress-up for going out. But this dream started out with me in a room trying on a blouse that was kinda frilly and just came down below my bra(which I hardy ever wear) Then I noticed there was a man in the room who I didn't know so I left the room and went into my moms' room. I was looking for a low cut pair of panties so I could wear my jeans low and have plenty of exposure between the blouse and jeans. Finally my mom came in and found a pair of panties that would work and that made me happy in the dream.

Well after having that dream I knew I was in for a difficult time. My body was trying to tell me something I already knew but was trying to ignore. But now I felt like a cat in heat and I knew I was going to materialize a certain kind of situation whether or not I wanted to.

There is this guy who comes to the farm selling cow medical supplies and he has been trying to put the make on me since forever. So last Friday he came and could tell immediately I was in a vulnerable state and he laid it on pretty thick. I, for my part, flirted with him in a coy sort of way. The long and short of it was that he asked me out to a party the following night and I accepted.

Now this animal medic guy who asked me out doesn't come with the highest, moral standard rating, as my mom pointed out to me. She knows I'm pretty much an idiot when it comes to guys. In the heat of the moment I might just as well think,"Maybe it's time for me to become a mother." Understandably, she was a little worried but knew if I didn't make some kind of move soon, I might end up an old maid.

So last night the animal medic guy (Bob) showed up at my door and off we went to a party at one of his friends house. When we walked in, there were about twenty people with loud music playing and lots of alcohol being drunk, Typical party. Bob immediately left me to talk to his friends and he figured I would go join the company of the few girls that were there. But instead I saw a guy with long hair and a beard, sitting on the floor smoking a joint. So I sat down next to him and he offered me a hit and I took it. We started laughing and enjoying each others' company and then he asked why I was with Bob, who he considered a real ass hole. I told him sometimes you have to make a choice and all the options are bad.

Finally Bob found me again and told me we were going to his place. I said goodbye to my new friend and followed Bob out the door. At his apartment there was the usual kissing and grabbing and groping I've come to expect from men. But then in the heat of the moment, when it could have gone either way, I gave Bob a push and said, "I'm not that kind of girl." That surprised the hell out of him and me too.

He was drunk and looked at me trying to figure out if I was just fooling around or if I really meant it. For my part I was ready to defend my new found virtue and fight for it if necessary. In the end, Bob figured I wasn't worth the hassle and drove me home.

The last thing I said to him as I left the car was."it was real and it was nice but it wasn't real nice."