Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding Babaji

This is a story I really love;

Finding Babaji

On another occasion Babaji’s sacred circle was disturbed by the arrival of a stranger. He had climbed with astonishing skill to the nearly inaccessible ledge near the camp of the master.

“‘Sir, you must be the great Babaji.’ The man’s face was lit with inexpressible reverence. ‘For months I have pursued a ceaseless search for you among these forbidding crags. I implore you to accept me as a disciple.’

“When the great guru made no response, the man pointed to the rocky chasm at his feet.

“‘If you refuse me, I will jump from this mountain. Life has no further value if I cannot win your guidance to the Divine.’

“‘Jump then,’ Babaji said unemotionally. ‘I cannot accept you in your present state of development.’

“The man immediately hurled himself over the cliff. Babaji instructed the shocked disciples to fetch the stranger’s body. When they returned with the mangled form, the master placed his divine hand on the dead man. Lo! he opened his eyes and prostrated himself humbly before the omnipotent one.

“‘You are now ready for discipleship.’ Babaji beamed lovingly on his resurrected chela. ‘You have courageously passed a difficult test. Death shall not touch you again; now you are one of our immortal flock.’ Then he spoke his usual words of departure, ‘Dera danda uthao’; the whole group vanished from the mountain.

This is a commentary by a friend of mine who also lives in the the rabbit hole;

Yes sireee Beloved Princess Now we’re talking…

Babaji is our Boogey Board on which we ride, and regardless of whether we paddle along on endless calm or Shoot the gnarliest Tube on earth, it is Babaji which supports and sustains all our activities. And should we get caught in a WIPEOUT, rest assured, our Babaji Board is attached with a Short Cord and doesn’t get far away… So bring on the Waves, all your polar fluxing duality, and shoot me high or crash me down either way there is between the energy and myself always the old reliable Babaji Board… You can come on Safari with me, but I’m already there, which is why I am able to Invite You along…

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  1. Hi Suzzy,
    What a fantastic tells so much and I would love to come along for the safari :)

    Thank you so much for following Sammy’s blog. Your support has meant so much to me. As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am trying to allow myself more time for ME and have moments where cancer is not on my mind. I have been a very casual blogger, Superman Sammy is really only meant to document our journey, but I have been trying to keep up another blog…my sanity blog.

    I am now committing much more time to Gems and Rhinestones, a blog that, while allowing guest appearances of Sammy, is more about my likes, loves and ideas.

    I am inviting you to join me over at Gems and Rhinestones ( – as an “old friend”, I invite you to leave me constructive feedback if you wish…I am just getting my feet wet with blogging my life stuff. It is very different than just blurting out emotions as I do on Superman Sammy.

    Also, check out the Etsy Discount ( I have been able to offer. It is for Gems and Rhinestones readers and I’d love you to get a piece of the action too.

    If you follow me, I will be doing a special welcome and introductions to promote my Super Sammy friends’ blogs….hey, why not? You have given me so much over the last couple of years.

    I hope you continue following Sammy as his adventure isn’t over yet, but I also hope you get to know the ME that is not cancer mom, worrier, mad lunatic when counts go low. I am so much more than that!

    With love,

    Katy xx