Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spiritual relationships in Cyber Space

Having relationships on line is fun but the effects of computer relationships can leak through to your real physical life. We know this is true for romantic relationships but it is also true for spiritual relationships.

I was involved in a spiritual relationship with a guy who could send amazing amounts of energy through this computer. We both just kept getting higher and higher. I would leave the computer and the buzz would still be happening all day long. Finally I told him I thought we were very high on the mountain and the fall would be disastrous if either one of us were to make a mistake.

He was having a physical relationship with a girl who he got pregnant and right at this time she had a miscarriage. He was devastated and our relationship came to an end.

Then a few months later he turned up on my computer and we started our spiritual relationship again. I told him the world would come for anyone who got too close to me if he wasn't spiritually pure enough. So finally I had to stop the relationship before anything bad happened in his life again.

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