Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is Writing worth while

I go back and forth on this issue.  Mostly people want to be entertained and that includes me.  But I find if I write with the idea of trying to entertain, then my writing doesn't flow and it becomes work trying get people off.  So I write mostly because it feels good to drag my thoughts up from the depth of my being and present them to the world for what they are worth.  Generally the feed back tells me that not many people are interested in my deepest thoughts.  Often times they don't even understand what I'm trying to say.  But I keep writing anyway and if I start getting upset because I'm not getting enough attention then I know I'm placing too much value on what people think and not enough value on the experience of writing down my thoughts without attachment.  And for me this is always my goal, to come to the surface with my thoughts and desires without attachment. 

  Lately I'm doing this kindle blogging for money.  (I get 30 cents for each subscription and believe me I haven't gotten rich yet)  But writing for money is just one more way attachment sneaks up on you and tries to get you excited about making money or bummed out if you don't make any.  So I only write when the energy feels good and then once in a while somebody reads what I wrote and shares the good energy I put into my writing, and I am content with this.

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  1. I think your blog is really great :) and it doesn't matter if you're not getting exactly all the attention you want from people, if writing makes you happy, just go with the flow :) at least that's what I'm doing!