Monday, June 14, 2010

Fear comes in many flavors

My step dad sends me out this time of year to help other farmers in our neighborhood who don’t have enough help to get their hay in the barn. I work closely with an Amish work crew and we don’t mind helping out. But always with my step dad there is a metaphysical problem to be solved and the chore he sends me to do is only the vehicle to carry the problem into my awareness.

So this time the problem turned out to be two beef cows escaping because one of the Amish boys left the gate open. You have to understand that if you own an animal, and it escapes unto the road and gets hit by a car, you are totally liable. So that night I got a call from the farmer and he wanted me to help him round up his cows in the dark. This is surely mission impossible but I got my Amish boys together and off we went to see what could be done. The farmer was totally freaked and he wanted to shoot the cows when he found them so he couldn’t get sued if they caused damage to anyone. But I told him I didn’t think he was going to find them in the dark to do anything to them but we would be back in the morning to help him again.

Now in the morning I went up to the farmer and told him we would pay for the cows if we couldn’t get them back. But if I couldn’t correct this situation that I had a part in creating, then I was not coming back to help anymore either. If I couldn’t step into a situation and help, I wasn’t going to be a vehicle to add more pain to some body’s life. He was very sad about this because he didn’t think it was possible to get those cows back.

But we found the cows and after about 5 hours of chasing them around, there was only my mind and the mind of one of the Amish boys who hung in there with me, on the playing field. At that point there was no resistance to the materialization I wanted to see and it did happen. The cows ran back into the fenced pasture from where they came.

The cows symbolized everyone’s fears and those fears had to be dealt with before the situation stopped bringing pain to everyone involved. The lesson I was sent to learn was, never let fear do the materializing in your world.