Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leting your God self out to play

I just learned the other day that when you get in touch with your God self and let her out to play, you also release the God selves of the people in your world.  I always thought this was a great and wonderful experience filled with joy. So I could never understand why almost everyone is very reluctant to let their God self come to the surface.  The answer, of course, is because as the God self rises to the surface, She takes control away from the intellect and ego and shines Her light of truth into the dark places of the personality and exposes the ego and intellect as usurpers to the thrown of the kingdom of God.

  So this explains why there is so much fear and pain as you let your God self come out to play.  Most people are very attached to their ego and intellect and when I meet someone or even write my blogs, people can feel the stirring of their God self crossing the lines that their ego and intellect have worked so hard all their lives to lay down.  And so the un-spoken and un-written agreement is, "Let's not disturb our God selves."  But I find that once the God self is out of the bag, it's impossible to stuff Her back in again. 

  And I find the longer she stays on the surface, the stronger She becomes and the more the little egos and intellects of the world become afraid of Her.  I guess, dear friends, this is just part of our evolving nature.  The cry of the ego is might is right and the cry of the intellect is the smart should dominate the stupid.  But it's in among the weak and stupid that this God self is most likely to be brought forth into this world.

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