Friday, July 8, 2011

More thoughts on God self

   Let's look at how our life is meant to unfold. We're born into this world from the love our parents have for each other. Then as we grow physically, our God self is nourished by this love between our mother and father. Our parents help us develop an intellect and ego which will help us deal with the physical reality our God self finds herself in. But this intellect and ego is only meant to be a protective shell which will crack open when our God self is ready to make her appearance in the world. At this point our God self creates her own intellect and ego out of love and for the purpose of materializing love in the world. Always this intellect and ego will be a tool and a servant of our God self. Then at the right time and place, when our mission on this plane is accomplished, our God self will let go of our intellect, ego and body and move on to a higher realm.

It doesn’t seem very difficult or complicated. What causes all the trouble is when love is betrayed. If your parents give into fear and betray love, then the intellect and ego that develops won't crack open at the right time and our God self will enter the world as a monster to all intellects and egos which were developed out of fear. And so walls are erected between our God self and the egos of the world to keep this monster from taking control. And it seems our God self has no need to enter this illusionary world of the intellect and ego and will let ignorance reproduce itself until it gets tired of it's off-spring.

  But then once in awhile, a God self enters the world and is drawn to complete her mission of love in spite of her intellect and ego.  She creates her own world out of love which threatens the existence of the illusionary world around her.  All these egos rally together for the purpose of erasing her existence from this plane.  At this point she lets go of her intellect, ego and body and leaves behind her love which will grow and over come the world.


  1. I kind of feel my god self is yet to make any kind of meaningful appearance, interesting stuff, Suzie, hope it's going well with you.

  2. Hi David, Just the fact that you're reading my stuff means your God self is alive and well and making an appearance. Everything is fine with me, hope your life is moving in a good direction.

  3. Truly inspiring!
    Absolutely well done, Suzzy!

  4. Hey Lion, Thank you kind sir!