Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How your world looks from the perspective of your God self

I can't say this enough.  It's very important that you gradually let go of your intellect and ego as the prime movers in your life and voluntarily let your God self take control.  At the beginning of your life the world will help you develop your intellect and ego for the purpose of using you.  Then at some point the world will discard this illusionary you, forcing you to come to terms with your God self.  And often times this means death or insanity.  The way to break away from your intellect and ego and merge with your God self is through love.  Find someone or something in this world which you are willing to give up your life for, and that should do it.

  So you get to the point where you say yes I will follow this other person even though I think I will end up dead because of this incredibly stupid move he or she is about to make.  So you leave your ego and intellect screaming in the dust and follow this person who you love.  Well I'll tell you right here and now that you will not die at this point.  Nobody gets off that easy.  You will find the world is willing to arrange circumstances for you and the person you love to survive this incredibly stupid move.  Then your intellect will shout in your mind,"But only this once, if you try this again I'll have to let you die."  But for some reason, even you can't figure out, you keep following this insane person who you love and everyday you look your own death in the eye but he never quite drags you down into your grave.  So after a few years of this, if you're as stupid as I am, you start to wonder about the credibility of your intellect and ego.  This is the point where the insane person that you loved all these past few years, leaves you and does his best to destroy you on the way out.

  So you walk down the road with nothing but the post hypnotic suggestion from your lover, that it is time to put an end to your miserable existence.  But at this point a very strange thing happens.  You hear laughter coming from the core of your being and you realize that laughter is coming from your God self welcoming you home.


  1. Nice! Insightful!
    Keep it coming!

  2. Hi Lion, This is what I need, encouragement Thanks.

  3. oh you have already done the Ken and Barbie kinky sex thing - I'm sooo sheltered...