Sunday, June 19, 2011

Materializing Desires

Well enough said about bad dates for now.  These last few posts are begging the question,"why do these horrid circumstances come into my life when all I want is to find someone who will return my love."  I think this question can apply to all of us who gaze on our own circumstances and wonder, WTF happened.  Basically there are two reasons for our lives to turn out less rewarding and meaningful than we had hoped.

  The first reason happens because our desires are low level.  By low level I mean we are attempting to materialize thoughts which are out of harmony with the virtues of love, freedom, truth, justice, etc.  When we come to understand that the desire to make money at any cost, for example, will eventually lead us to suffering, then we can elevate our thinking to desire the things we need which will enable us to proceed down the path of enlightenment.  When you get to the point in your life where the drama of your existence appears to you as a loss of all material possessions and even your physical life, and your only desire is to do the right thing, then you have mastered this first hurdle toward overcoming the pain of this world.

  The next hurdle is even harder to master.  The other way we bring pain and suffering into our world is through our relationship with other people.  We give them our consent to materialize what they want in our life for whatever reasons.  Like for example at our job, where we have to open up to the boss in order to keep working and keep earning money to pay our bills.  But what I'm saying here is when told to do a task which you know in your heart is not right for you, then you must refuse, even if it means losing your job.  If you do what you know is wrong because you are afraid of getting fired, then circumstances will develop in your life to cause pain and suffering.  If you do right in spite of the bad consequences your intellect is forecasting, then circumstances will configure to bring about peace and harmony in your life.  Sounds simple and easy.  Then why are there so few people alive who are living their lives by what they think is right?


  1. Tried to post a comment before, but I'm not sure it went through. If this is a duplicate, delete. Anyway, just wanted to say that I hope your dating karma improves soon! Good luck!

  2. I figure the drama I'm going through with dating is a karmic situation. I seem to be giving my consent to take on the karma of these men I go out on dates with. For me it is a great exercise in staying unattached to my own drama. Keep on keeping on love.

  3. well it does seem as if you are a lot deeper than the local guys which must be rather frustrating. In saying that I think we all have that WTF moment. I think I have a daily WTF moment.

  4. Hi David, I know what you mean. The WTF moment can last an entire life if you're not careful. Mostly I understand how I let this drama into my life and I stay pretty much unattached to it. It's when the drama enters your life and you don't understand how you let it in and you can't get rid of it, that it causes pain and suffering.