Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping the world at Bay

 So I thought that after spending all my life in a school classroom listening to somebody up front filling my head with things I needed to know, I would graduate and the world would welcome me back with open arms.  Not true.  The world still didn't give a damn about me.  So here I am in this go nowhere, low level job at a chick hatchery scrapping chicken shit off of the incubator trays where they were hatched from.  Fortunately I can maintain a pretty high level of conscious awareness no matter what kind of situation I find myself in.  But my fellow workers aren't so gifted.  They usually spend their time in this washroom on a bummer that doesn't quit.  And they are always very verbal about how badly they are feeling.  Sometimes I take pity on them and try to raise their conscious awareness level by telling them how fortunate they are to be engaged in such high priority essential work.  After awhile I get them to smile and feel better about scrapping chicken droppings off the trays until the boss comes in and yells at us to make himself feel more important at our expense.  And then everybody falls back into their bummer, mentality, except me.

  The boss knows he can't get to me but he just can't figure out why I'm not afraid of him.  You would think that this would get him angry, but nooo.  The fact that he can't get to me only makes him like me even more and want to get into my pants if at all possible.  This happens to me alot when I stand up to men, it brings out the lust in them.  Now I don't do this as part of a sex game.  I genuinely keep them out of my mind because I know that once a control freak enters your mind, the next step is to get into your jeans. 

 But it's break time and as I enter the break room I see this new employee sitting on the floor reading a book called,"Autobiography of a Yogi,"  Even though everyone in the room is sitting at a table, I sit down next to him on the floor and tell him that I read that entire book from cover to cover.  We really do seem to have a spiritual link so he asks if he can see me sometime after work.  I'm still a little gun shy about dating men but I feel he's not a control freak or sex fiend so I figure, how bad can it be.

  So I show up at the appointed time in an agreed upon bar.  Kent, my new friend,  has started drinking without me and it seems he's already half in the bag by the time I sit down.  As I nurse my first beer, he keeps downing more beers until I can sense this is not going to have a happily ever after ending.  So I decide it's time for me to leave but as I stand up to go he gets really upset.  He starts yelling and calling me names which I'm kinda used to by now, but what really blind sided me was the amount of psychic emotional energy he was able to assault me with.  My mind reeled and fell back into itself, deeper and deeper into my being to escape this psychic on slot.  Finally my Sue personality fell away and I was pure light at the core of my being.  The darkness, which is the absence of light, disappeared as my inner light reached the surface to find Kent being manhandled by two big guys who must be workers at the bar.  They finally got Kent out the door and threw him onto the sidewalk.

  I went out and helped him up while he kept apologizing to me for being such a jerk in the bar.  I drove him home but didn't go in.  It was a few days later that I found out he had some kind of mental illness which gets triggered when he drinks.  Whatever it was that came at me that day in the bar was one mean, powerful entity.  I hadn't experienced anything like it since the last time I entered my step dad's mind.  His mind is very powerful also, but it isn't evil like the thing that came out of Kent, it's what I call enlightened.



  1. poor you - you have some relly sucky dates, even if they do make for entertaining reading. I this guy knows what happens when he drinks you might think he'd not drink. or does that sound too sensible?

  2. Hi David, I'm beginning to think sensible guy is an oxymoron.