Friday, June 24, 2011

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan attacked an army of about 100,000 men with about 20,000 of his own men. So just before the larger army encircled his army and wiped them out, Genghis led his men on horses across the desert. Then the leader of the larger army sent half of his men after them, about 50,000 men. And so the chase began. Genghis and his men rode all that day with 50,000 of the enemy in hot pursuit. They rode all that night always keeping the enemy a safe distance behind. They rode all the next day and sometimes slowed up to eat and even some fell asleep in the saddle. Still the enemy pursued. All that night they kept riding and into the next day. Sometimes a man or two would fall from his horse and be trampled to death but near the end of the third day, Genghis gave the order to stop and face his enemy. Well by this time the 50,000 men who were chasing him could barely sit their horses anymore and were only a rag-tag army because the three day chase had exhausted both men and horses. Genghis and his men were the most hardened soldiers the world has ever seen and at that point he gave the order to charge and his army massacred his arrogant pursuers..

Likewise in my life there are people who have been following me with evil intent. I have led a hard disciplined life partly to stay out of the clutches of my arrogant enemies. Lately I have stopped and turned around to face my enemies. And what I see before me are people whose lives have been decimated in one way or another by life itself. I don’t even need to attack, they aren’t worth the bother anymore.


  1. interesting post Suzzy - unfortunately folks with evil intent appear to be everywhere. Like you say, once you stop running and face them they often prove themselves cowards.

  2. There are so many people who try to feel better at the expense of others. I try to help these people understand that it would be better to build on their own lives instead of dorking with mine.