Friday, May 20, 2011



  1. wow - what sort of strange looking bird is that Suzy? Nice shot.

  2. Hi love, Well I have some sad news. My duck flew away near the end of January. We had a warm day and he could hear the creek running and figured he waited long enough. I went down to the creek and told him I thought it was a little early for him to take off but he told me he was history and I haven't seen him since.

    That's not to say that my duck trip is over. I saw a couple of wild ducks on the pond who I was talking to but so far they just don't trust me. Also a neighbor said he wanted to get rid of a couple of malard ducks if I was interested. I'm just waiting this out until I get an offer I can't refuse.

    I have the feeling you're doing the same thing with your hugs and kisses sue

  3. Hey David, This is the same bird that the author of your last post is talking about;

    I remember a sycamore in front of a ruined farmhouse,
    And instantly and clearly the revelation
    Of a song of incredible purity and joy,
    My first rose-breasted grosbeak,
    Facing the low sun, his body
    Suffused with light.
    I was motionless and cold in the hot evening
    Until he flew away, and I went on knowing
    In my twelfth year one of the great things
    Of my life had happened.
    See great minds run in the same channel.

  4. they are pretty amazing actually Suzzy - would love to see one.

  5. ah you have gone again but it's a shame because your blog it really kind of interesting.