Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guys hitting on Me

I guess it’s all in how you handle it and what your tolerance level is. Like the guy that comes on,”Hi babe, You are really beautiful (most times I don’t even have my picture posted) and we should chat. Tell me about yourself.” I just have a really low tolerance for this particular brand of,’ come on’. I feel like I’m being interviewed for a job and have to meet the expectations of someone who I never even met.

I do respond to someone who approaches me intellectually but then again it usually turns out to be a ‘come on’ and the ultimate goal is to lure me into a date ( even if the guy is hundreds of miles away) Often times I indulge myself and the guy in sexually erotic banter, which just fuels his need to get his hands on me.
Sometimes I hang out with transsexuals, You know guys who dress and look like girls. They at least don’t hit on me, but they do seem to belong to a cult which excludes biological females for the most part.

But I don’t feel alone with this problem of relating to the opposite sex. Most of my girlfriends either relate to only their female friends or when they do try to relate to the male gender find the experience to range from ‘not too bad,’ to ‘really horrid’.
I don’t really see that getting married and having children is going to solve this problem. If you haven’t solved this problem before you get married, I don’t think you’ll solve it after getting married. Being married and having kids just makes it a 'do or die' situation. Maybe this is the only way to find the answer but to me it’s like jumping off of a cliff to see if you can learn to fly before you hit the ground.

So for now I keep a tight rein on my sexual urges so that I stay out of trouble. To be forced into a marriage and a family would be the ultimate bad move for me. So I learned to never make relationship mistakes.


  1. I did that too, got forced into a marriage and kids... It turned out not to be that bad, I say fuck em and leave em!

  2. Hi love, It seems like being forced into a marriage turned out to be a learning experience for you. I'm happy you made it through to the other side. Hope I can be as strong if the need arises. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey Queen I havent been on my page in forever and I apologize for that but I will be on here for now on! I'm sorry for your bad date. As far as your new post, It seems like you have your head on straight and thats good to hear. Its annoying hearing the same lines over and over from men. They don't realize that we are irritated. Men should just say hello and whats your name, then go from there. But please be careful about sex with men because you never fully know their TRUE intentions.

  4. Hi dear, Glad to hear you will be around now. It sounds we are on the same page with these problems with men and I appreciate advise from a womans' point of view.

  5. Oh, tell me about it, Suzzy. When I talk to my girl friends, and then some men I know, it’s like speaking an entirely different language.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  6. Hi Mask, I don't know why it's so hard to relate to members of the opposit sex, but it sure seems to me to be almost impossible to cut through the games and get a real relationship happening. So once again we are on the same page here. Hugs